Skills Courses

Sailing1These Courses are fully approved by the Irish Sailing and Surfing Associations and are an ideal way to build on skills you already have. All courses are run through the medium of Irish, following a syllabus used all over Ireland and will be lead by a trained and qualified Instructor. Each course is carefully designed to provide you with all of the skills and confidence you need to get you out on the water and to get the most out of your time on the UISCE.

Please note that Skills Courses do not involve Irish Classes, you are based either on the water or in the class room for theory (In Irish) all day.

Providing you with all of the skills and confidence you need

We run 3 types of skills courses

  • Sailing
  • Windsurfing
  • Surfing


We use open-top boats here at UISCE. Our courses are very popular as they provide endless fun, Sport Craic agus Spraoí; sailing is an ideal way of getting you afloat. Open-top boats are ideal for progression into racing and as they are available in centres across the country, so they are easy to access.


This exciting sport combines the best features of surfing and sailing into one sport. It allows you the freedom to perform inverted loops, spinning manoeuvres and jumps that no sailing craft can allow.


Is surfing only for the brave?! If you would like to try this exciting sport or are already an accomplished surfer who would like to learn some skills, tricks and manoeuvres on Glais beach, one of Ireland’s hot surf spots, our skills courses are for you.

Each year I came home bursting with self confidence, amazing memories, heaps of new friends and of course a WHOLE new outlook grasp on the Irish language.

Aaron Kelly