Elly BeachElly Beach is one of Ireland’s best loved surf spots. Located minutes from the centre the beach offers students the perfect surfing conditions for beginners during the summer months and big swells for seasoned pros from September until April.

Students really enjoy the thrill of thrashing around in the wild Atlantic and mastering this sport. The surfing culture has grown extensively in Ireland and it seems that everyone, young and old, wants to be a part of it.

We offer a surf specific skills course during the summer. Students get to explore other surf spots on the peninsula and finally get to surf that all important green wave.


We have a wide range of beginner ‘Swell’ surfboards and body boards in various widths and lengths. These are ideal for your first time on the wave and will prepare you for the day you are ready to buy your own.

It’s a really amazing place, the staff are really helpful and understanding and they have great experience. An amazing way to spend two weeks.

Jack Robert