Level 3 – Ardchinnirí Sinsearacha/Teagascóirí/Maoirseoir Oíche

This is our third level in our Youth Leadership Program. There will be an emphasis on training courses to become an Ardchinnire Sinsearach, a water sport instructor and a Maoirseoir in Coláiste UISCE

The Role

Each member of the UISCE team plays a very important role in the running of a course. They are heavily involved in problem solving, supervision and creating a safe environment for all students. Maoirseoirí, Ardchinnirí Sinsearacha and Teagascóirí have a central role in helping the course principal run a successful course. They must ensure students are disciplined and that a high standard of Irish is maintained around the centre at all times.

Maoirseoirí provide a direct link between students and staff at the coláiste. They report to the course principle daily for the duration of each course.

 Course Syllabus and Objectives

  • Powerboat Training
  • First Aid and Fire Safety Course
  • Child Protection and Anti Bullying Course
  • Interview & CV Skills
  • Leadership Workshops
  • Practical Watersport Training
  • Improve interpersonal skills and self confidence
  • Develop and learn new leadership skills
  • Practise problem solving

 So you meet the Criteria?

  • Are you at least 18 years old?
  • Do you have an excellent standard of Irish?
  • Are you passionate about water sports?
  • Have you completed the Leaving Cert?

You must have completed a year in 3rd level education or have gained a full years work experience to be employed as a Maoirseoir in UISCE.


The course is run during the October Mid Term Break. Places on this course are limited. Early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment

Academically my son’s Irish improved tremendously and he found the sporting experiences both challenging and rewarding

Clare Fallon, Gaillimh