Youth Leadership

At Coláiste UISCE we provide training courses for our students to become Youth Leaders and give successful students the opportunity to come and work with our young and talented team during the summer and Easter courses.

We offer 3 Youth Leadership Courses:

  • Level 1 Youth Leadership
  • Level 2 Ardchinnirí
  • Level 3 Maoirseoirí Oíche

Each course is a progression from the previous one as we encourage students who excel at activities, leading others and becoming part of the team at UISCE.

Students are required to have completed the Level 2 and Level 3 courses to work in Coláiste UISCE as part of the Ardchinnirí or Maoirseoir Oíche teams respectively.

We believe greatly in personal development, confidence building and leadership skills

These skills are important for students who will need to stand out from the crowd later in life whether seeking employment or undertaking a college course. Our past students have thanked us for the experience and training offered during these training courses.

Level 1 Youth Leadership

We have developed a new and exciting course for students with a high level of Irish. We call these students “Gaeilgeoirí”. Our aim is to train “Gaeilgeoirí” to be leaders and futher their love and comprehension of the Irish Language.

During this course “Gaeilgeoirí” will follow A special designed Youth Leadership Syllabus. The aim is to improve their communication skills, learn how to deal with conflict, learn how to stand out from the crowd and grow in confidence as a leader. Click for more information

Level 2 Ardchinnirí

On this training course you will be given an opportunity to develop your leadership and communication skills in a positive Irish environment. High standards are maintained on this course to enable you to practice your authority and responsibilities when leading others. The main aim of the course is to give you the confidence to stand out from the crowd, be as effective as possible and develop your personality while dealing with young people. Click for more information

Level 3 Maoirseoirí Oíche

This course is designed to train students to become part of our Supervision Team (Maoirseoir) at UISCE. This is our third level in our Youth Leadership Program. This training course has been carefully created to give each individual the skills to maintaining the high standards of the coláiste.  They are heavily involved in problem solving, supervision and insuring that all students are in a safe environment on our Gaeltacht Courses. Click for more information

Each year I came home bursting with self confidence, amazing memories, heaps of new friends and of course a WHOLE new outlook grasp on the Irish language.

Aaron Kelly