We now offer two options to students on our Easter course. Students can attend our traditional Gaeltacht course or they may choose our Intensive Irish Exam – Diansraith option which focuses on students undertaking Junior or Leaving Certificate Exams.

Learning Irish is fun with us at Coláiste UISCE, the aim of our Irish Courses is to get you talking as Gaeilge

Both courses will incorporate the best of Coláiste UISCE – water and land adventure activities as Gaeilge.


If your primary objective is to focus on improving your exam results and reducing your exam stress levels, this is the course for you! Classes are customised to cater for the specific needs of Leaving Cert and Junior Cert honours and ordinary level students. The healthy balance of intensive class room work combined with energising enjoyable outdoor activities creates the ideal positive environment for you to learn and excel.

The Diansraith will leave you refreshed, confident, enthusiastic and ready to get stuck into the next school term.

Numbers are reduced on the Easter course to ensure individual attention, this also creates a close-knit environment on site for the students to thrive in.

From 2012 onward 40% of the Leaving Certificate will be based on the standard of spoken Irish.

Our Diansraith course focuses on the Aural, Oral, and State Exams; this intensive course is the perfect preparation for anyone sitting their state exams this or the following year. Each student will undergo two mock Oral exams. They will be given a feedback report sheet with advice on what they need to focus on.

Having consulted with practicing examiners, we have tailored our syllabus to hone in on the specific skills you need to achieve top marks in your exam at both junior and senior level.

Students will be given workbooks that they can revisit before each exam.

Supervised Study – Cúrsa Cásca Specific

During the Cúrsa Cásca we are conscious that you may need to study for summer or national exams. We provide supervised study time for those who would like to study other subjects during the course. Former students have noted that the distraction free environment in Coláiste UISCE makes it ideal for concentrated study.

It’s a really amazing place, the staff are really helpful and understanding and they have great experience. An amazing way to spend two weeks.

Jack Robert