Blas Choláiste UISCE – FAQ



Can I use my phone?

Yes, if you download the Google Meet app before-hand. Please do this in good time before the class.  You will need to create a Google account if you do not already have one to use a phone/tablet

  • Android:
Download the meet app from the Android PlayStore
  • iPhone/iPad:
Download from Apple app store
What do I need to log in?
  • Make sure your computer has Google Chrome before the class.
  • You will need a webcam, speakers and a microphone (often built into the webcam)
  • If you are using your phone make sure you download the Google Meet app before the class
  • Please check your camera, mic and speakers are working  before the class.
  • Computer hardware requirements can be found here:
How do I log into the class?
You will receive an email from our administration office with a link to join using Google Meet:

Using a computer:
  • Open the meeting link sent to you via email in Google Chrome.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to join.
Using a phone:
    1. Download the Google Meet App
Android: Google play Store iPhone/iPad: Apple app store

    2. Create a Google account
  • If you do not already have a Google account you will have to create one to join the class using a phone/tablet.
  • Click below for instructions on creating a Google account

Join the meeting clicking the link in the email and open using the Google Meet app.
My microphone/camera/speakers are not working.
Go to the following link and check the settings in Google Meet: Google Meet settings

Check if your webcam is working by clicking here:

Check if your microphone is working by clicking here:
What if I need more help?
If you need further support please ring our administration office on 09782111 or email
What is Google Meet?
Google meet is a video-communication service developed by Google.
Can i use a non google email address?
Yes you can use a non google email address.

You will need to use a desktop computer or a laptop with Google Chrome installed for the online lessons. You cannot use a mobile device if you don't have a gmail account.

Academically my son’s Irish improved tremendously and he found the sporting experiences both challenging and rewarding

Clare Fallon, Gaillimh