Gaeilge S.O.S.

Available on: Cúrsa D UISCE has developed a mentoring system for weaker students on every Summer and Easter Course. Daily mentoring sessions were put in place to help weaker students by giving them individual attention to increase their confidence and vocabulary.

Now the maximum ratio in these classes will be 1:24

After observing students on Coláiste UISCE courses it is clear that a large scale mentoring system is required to cater for weaker students who struggle with the basics of the Irish language. On Cúrsa C we are giving students the opportunity to attend a Gaeilge SOS class. There are many benefits for students:

    • Low Student Teacher Ratio
    • One on one mentoring
    • Daily questions and answer sessions
    • Back to basics – Strengthen their foundation in Irish

Students will be given the opportunity to ask questions they might have previously been embarrassed to ask in large classroom settings and learn with fellow struggling peers in their Gaeilge S.O.S class. Our teachers will instill confidence in the class and will design the course content on the group’s needs. Once a student grasps the basics of the Irish language they will find the school curriculum much easier on their return in September. Students attending the Gaeilge S.O.S course will use the Irish they learn in the classroom during adventure activities, at break times and during the night time activities. Our instructors, prefects and supervisors will be at hand 24/7 to encourage students to use the Gaeilge they have and will be at hand to provide new vocabulary to them.

Academically my son’s Irish improved tremendously and he found the sporting experiences both challenging and rewarding

Clare Fallon, Gaillimh