Learning Irish is fun at Coláiste UISCE! We have created an exciting and fun learning environment combining the Irish language with adventure activities in the heart of Mayo’s Gaeltacht.

Coláiste UISCE has three course options available:

  • Gaeltacht Courses
  • Youth Leadership Training Courses
  • Skills Weeks Training

Gaeltacht Courses

Our long established Gaeltacht Courses have the perfect balance between adventure activities and classroom learning. All levels are catered for on these courses. Students who wish to get a little extra assistance with their Gaeilge could consider the Gaeilge SOS course. During the Diansraith Course students are classed according to their exam year and level. On top of daily oral Irish practice we give students who are sitting state examinations comprehensive There is something for everyone at UISCE. Whether you struggle to keep up at school or have been learning Irish since birth we have the perfect course for you. These are available during the Easter mid-term break and the summer months, we welcome students from 6th class to leaving cert on these courses. Our Student Teacher’s Training Course (Ábhair Óidí) which runs during the Easter break is a specialised, interactive course catering for the needs of Irish Primary School teachers in training for both the first and second periods.

Youth Leadership Training Courses

We believe greatly in personal development, confidence building and leadership skills

Our Youth leadership Training programme is divided into 3 levels:

These levels are based on progression to the next level and to becoming part of the UISCE team.

Skills Weeks Training

These week long skills courses are aimed at students with a high standard of Irish and who wish to excel in sailing, windsurfing and surfing. This is an all day activity course no Irish classes are included, while attending students must strictly adhere to the Irish language rule and general course rules. You can select from your favourite sport from the options below.

We run 4 types of skills courses:

It’s a really amazing place, the staff are really helpful and understanding and they have great experience. An amazing way to spend two weeks.

Jack Robert